Next testing Session September 19th Northside Baptist Church at 7PM (Newnan, GA.)


OK. If you watched the videos you now know (A) the music on the videos is terrible (B) HAMS are in general a nerdy bunch and (C) This stuff all sounds Greek and you are very confused.  If those 3 things are going through your mind then you are right on track!!  Now we start the important part which is learning the test and preparing to PASS.  Below is a link.  After you read this I want you to click it and go to  On the main page click on TECHNICIAN TEST under ""study for" at the top.  Then you will click on STUDY FLASH CARDS.  It will ask you to create a free account which you will want to do so your progress can be saved as you work through the questions.  

At this point just try to make your best guess if you don't know the answer.  Click the upper right corner of the question (after you answer) and it gives you some reasoning on why the answer is what it is.  As you work through the program it will revisit things you got incorrect.  This is the MOST HELPFUL aspect of your learning the test.  It will track your progress as percentage complete and aptitude.  Once you have seen 85% of the material or so start taking practice tests.  Keep going through the material right up to testing date.  During this phase we are memorizing the questions and the answers.  The videos gave you a primer as to what ham radio is but now we have to get these questions and answers in our mind to pass the test.  Below is a PDF copy of every question in the test pool with correct answers.