Next testing Session September 19th Northside Baptist Church at 7PM (Newnan, GA.)

  The FCC requires that you identify yourself on the Amateur Radio license application “Form 605” for your Amateur Radio license with either your social security number OR a FCC Registration Number (FRN).
  We do not want to handle paperwork with your SSN on it for your own protection. THEREFORE we REQUIRE that you register with the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) at the link below and get your FCC Registration Number (FRN) BEFORE you attend the test.
  If you have a GMRS license you will already have a FRN – use that one, do NOT apply for another FRN.
  If you forgot to record your FRN go to 

where you can search for your FRN.
  Once you have your FRN we ask that you preregister at

so we can complete some of the paperwork ahead of time. If you complete the preregistration you will not need to complete the Form 605 as we will print that for you.
  If you have registered with us for a class and/or testing you should have received an acknowledgement email from Google docs that contains a link to allow you to go back and edit your responses. If you obtained your FRN after registering please go back in and update your FRN. If you cannot locate this email (check your spam folder) then please email us your FRN to WX4SKY@YAHOO.COM This helps us directly update the testing software and greatly simplifies the registration and saves us a lot of time at testing time. It also help us verify that you have recorded it correctly. Just in case bring a copy of it with you to the testing if you do not already have a Amateur Radio call sign. There have been instances when the FCC database is down on a test day and we are unable to search and verify the number.