Next testing Session September 19th Northside Baptist Church at 7PM (Newnan, GA.)



WX4SKY with the North Georgia VE Team here.  I have created this home study course to help you pass your technician test.  This process will introduce you to HAM radio and then show you exactly what to study and how.  It will focus a lot on memorization.    There are 400+ questions in the test pool and you will be asked to answer 35 questions from this pool of questions.  The concept is that instead of trying to look at more than 1,600+ answers (most are incorrect answers) we focus on the 400 answers that are correct.  As an example we will associate words such as on question 1.) where we see “purpose of amateur radio service” in the question with “radio art” in the correct answer.      The exam is a filter.  Amateur Radio Operators WANT to grow our membership and bring in new operators BUT, they do not want it to be a free for all.  They want to “weed out” those who are not willing to put in the time to pass the test.  If you find things on the test hard to understand, you are not alone.  It's designed to be relatively hard.  The questions are specifically chosen to NOT have a common sense answer.  But, put in a little time and it is VERY passable.    Being very straight forward, I have never seen an applicant who was not capable of passing the test.  Most failures of the test are directly related to insufficient time spent learning the material.  You have every question, every answer, and the ability to take practice tests prior to your official test.  On test day if you don't KNOW that you are going to pass the test, you have not prepared adequately.  Every person in the testing room WANTS you to pass but, it ultimately comes down to you.  We can provide study aids, pre tests, computer programs, Etc. But, only you can put in the work required.    This website provides you with Step by step instructions to pass the test.  Read through this section and then proceed to section TWO.  Section two is a collection of videos from a technician class designed to familiarize you with HAM radio.  Once you have finished the videos proceed to section THREE.   

A week before the official test, start taking practice tests.  You should be able to pass the practice tests every time.  Keep studying right up to the test.  Don't finish 2 weeks early and lay it down until the test date.    Final thought is to learn the answers NOT the corresponding letters on the answer section (A,B,C, or D) the letters CHANGE with each test issued BUT, the answer options are always the same.      GOOD LUCK.  Put in your time and you will pass with flying colors!!    WX4SKY Scott Marlowe